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Customer Reviews

The candles are Great !!!! I ordered the coco bay and I’m loving it !!! I am very impressed with the burning of the candle. I’ve burned mine for around 8 hrs and it doesn’t even look like I’ve lit it. I know from other candles they would at the very least be half gone. I surely can’t wait till you put out the mountain magic scent as it is probably my personal favorite. I can’t say I’ve been disappointed or displeased by any of your products. I love the body butters. They truly are very hydrating I really love all your products thus far. I've got feedback from other people that have tried the soaps and they love them also saying other soaps make them itch but yours do not. Thank you for making great products !!

- Tricia

I finally was able to try your soap! I tried the lavender sampler you sent me first. I love it!! I wasn't sure about the shape, it's not regular rectangle soapy, but it's absolutely perfect to fit in your hand and not slip around!! It's creamy and lathers beautifully... The scent was enough to thoroughly enjoy it while using, lightly stay on my skin but not enough to be over powering. And my skin felt fantastic after using it! Especially right now, with it being the dry, cold season in Upstate NY, it helped my skin feel moisturized on top of everything else! Amazing job on these soaps, Nick, and I can't wait to try the others I bought as well!


Absolutely stunning scents, beautiful craftsmanship, and incredible value. These will definitely be a go-to for gifts! I like that it is handmade, and the artisan is incredible!

- Minna

I tried the sample soap and love how it lathers and feels. I’m going to have to order a full bar of that one because the scent is amazing. The other scents are good too, I just started the Black Balsam today and it’s a little more muted than the others. (Not a bad thing). My husband loves the Lavender.

The care put into the packaging was a nice change from typical Amazon shipping practices and made a positive impact on my overall perception of your business.

There isn’t any bad or ugly at this time, the only unfortunate is it is too strong for my son so we’ll have to keep using the baby soap for him until he’s older.   I enjoy it for the daddies to use so don’t change it! If I come across some constructive criticism to pass along, I will send it your way.

Please keep posting about new scents and products as you try them out. Have a wonderful weekend too!