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Our Story/Mission


Hemlock Pointe started as any small business does, I wanted to make money at something I love and enjoy doing.
I have a lot of different passions in life, among my many interests, FRAGRANCE! All things that smell good, candles, wax melts,
soap, lotion, body spray, cologne, air freshener, diffusers, etc. If it puts off good scent, I'm probably into it.

I started out making candles and wax melts first. This began because I was constantly buying candles and melts,
spending lots of money and sometimes only to take the candle home and find out it had a weak or non-existent scent throw.
And if the candle did have a strong scent, it was usually expensive.
I was determined to make a candle that would perform well but also at a price point that was reasonable.
So, through lots of trial and error, and lots of wax, oils, and other materials, I had finally crafted a candle wax that I was happy to use myself.
Then, I started giving them as gifts and before long, they became
quite popular and I started selling them.

Then one year around Christmastime, I decided to venture in to a new territory and make my family some homemade soap as gifts.
My goal was to make soap bars that would smell amazing but also be moisturizing and make rich lather.
How hard could it be, right? WRONG! Much like candles, the soaps also require tons of research,
practice, and wasted materials. I went from melt and pour soap you get in the hobby store, cooking it in the crock pot, to cold process, I dabbled in it all!
A year or more had passed before I made soap that I was proud of and faithfully using myself. I love the fact that I can use natural fats and a wide range of ingredients,
add a few tweaks in the recipe, and it gives the soap different qualities and textures. Long story short, I was hooked!
Once I had my criteria nailed down, (to review...smells great, super moisturizing, and forms a rich lather),I started giving them out, people loved them and stopped
using those commercial chemical-filled, drying, harsh soaps and started getting their soap from me!
It was time to consider going into business.

I'm an Asheville North Carolina native, and with that said, I love my home and the natural beauty that surrounds me.
I enjoy hiking, camping and just getting out in nature. The mountains are a part of me.
So when trying to think of a name, of course I wanted to represent Western North Carolina in some way. While on a hike on the top
of a steep incline, catching my breath, I could smell the aroma of the Eastern Hemlock trees near me.
Thinking about how I grew up with these aromatic evergreen trees all around me that produce the small cones, I remembered that they were being threatened by the woolly adelgid,
an insect that feeds on the hemlock's sap and ultimately kills them and how sad it would be if one day they were no longer around.
And just like that, on the top of "Hemlock Point" I had my symbol and piece of home that I wanted to represent.
Then, along the way, I wanted to also raise awareness about this endangered native tree.

The government has been working to try and save them but also NC State has been developing tools to help try and conserve the Eastern Hemlock.
You can read more about what they are doing here

I can't thank you all enough for taking time to read my story, but also for your interest in Hemlock Pointe.
The business is a newborn, and I'm sure there's going to be lots of ups and downs, but I am excited to see what
future has in store!

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I wish you all health and happiness!

Nick Warren (Owner and Creator)