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Hemlock Pointe

Palo Santo Wax Melts

Palo Santo Wax Melts

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What it smells like

Behold the essence of tranquility captured in our Palo Santo candle, a symphony of aromas that transports you to a sacred, enchanted grove. As the flame flickers and the wax melts, this captivating fragrance unfurls, revealing a harmonious blend of Palo Santo, sandalwood, moss, patchouli, saffron, and incense.

Product Description

Introducing our captivating artisan wax melts, meticulously handcrafted to fill your space with powerful and captivating aromas. Each wax melt is expertly crafted to deliver an intense fragrance experience that transforms your environment. Our melts are scented to the maximum fragrance load, giving you days of freshness! 6 cubes in each clamshell container. Appox 2.5 oz of scented wax.

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