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Hemlock Pointe

Sugar Spun Carnival Scented Candle

Sugar Spun Carnival Scented Candle

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What it smells like

The air comes alive with the sweet embrace of spun sugar, its confectionary charm swirling around you like a carousel ride. Rich vanilla weaves its magic, infusing the fragrance with a warm and creamy sweetness that's utterly irresistible. Amidst the excitement, notes of black currant dance playfully, adding a burst of fruity intrigue that tickles the senses. As the symphony unfolds, a delicate hint of freesia drifts in, reminiscent of cotton candy clouds against the backdrop of laughter and joy. Subtle whispers of light musk lend a soft embrace to the overall composition, like the gentle touch of a warm summer breeze. This candle captures the essence of a carefree day at the carnival, where every moment is a celebration of happiness and delight.

Product Description:
Net Weight: 8 oz
Wicks: 2
Burn Time: 45-55 hrs.
Wax Color: Natural/White
Container: Amber glass with finished wooden lid.

Our special proprietary vegetable based wax will effortlessly fill your space with our enchanting fragrances.

Each candle boasts an impressive burn time of up to 45 hours, providing you with lasting enjoyment and relaxation. Our candles feature lead-free wicks and are phthalate free.

Our candles are encased in an amber colored glass jar which will provide a cozy ambiance and is filled with approximately 8 oz of high quality scented wax.

Handcrafted in the breathtaking mountains of Western North Carolina, each candle is infused with the spirit of the natural beauty that surrounds us.

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