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Hemlock Pointe

Coconut Sands Sugar Scrub

Coconut Sands Sugar Scrub

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What it smells like
Dive into a blissful blend of creamy coconut, velvety tonka bean, delicate orchid, and warm sandalwood. Close your eyes and let the gentle waves of fragrance whisk you away to a tropical getaway where every inhale feels like a sandy stroll under palm trees.

Product Description

Get ready to pamper your skin with our whipped sugar scrub infused with natural cane sugar and avocado oil! Say hello to smooth, radiant skin as the sweet sugar crystals gently buff away dullness, while avocado oil swoops in for a hydrating rescue. Treat yourself to a spa day at home!

How To Use
Apply sugar scrub to wet skin and massage into a rich lather until sugar is dissolved. Rinse off remaining soap with warm water. For an extra skin nourishing treatment, follow up with one our hemp-infused body lotions.

Net weight: 8oz

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