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Hemlock Pointe

Summer Rain Linen & Body Spray

Summer Rain Linen & Body Spray

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Scent Description
A refreshing blend that captures the essence of a sunlit shower. Delicate fresh florals and jasmine intertwine with a watery essence, while a subtle hint of grass adds a touch of earthiness, evoking the invigorating scent of rain-soaked gardens.

Product Description

Our body and linen spray is your go-to for instant freshness! Here's the fun part – there's no wrong way to use it! Want to freshen up your bedding before hitting the hay? Spritz, jump in, and drift off into dreamland surrounded by blissful scents.

Feeling a little blah in the morning? Give your clothes a quick spritz for an instant pick-me-up that'll have you feeling fabulous in no time.

Our body and linen spray is skin-safe and comes in a convenient 2oz bottle, great for traveling or keeping in your car.

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